Offering  Limited In Person & Virtual Sessions

Sessions are by appointment only. New clients must complete a Discovery Call.  Click Here to schedule your Discovery Call.


Close to Interstate 60. Conveniently located at Mill Towne Center on Baseline between Mill Ave & College.  

209 E. Baseline rd
E206 #4
Tempe AZ 85283

I am the building directly behind (or south of) Caribbean Spice. I am on the 2nd floor & my name is listed on the outside of the door as "EleMental Healing & Coaching" in the #4 spot.

There are stairs at the east of the building and an elevator & staircase in the middle of the building. My office entrance is located almost directly between the middle and east of the building.

You can find parking directly in front of the building or to the east of the building.

Once you arrive, feel free to make yourself comfortable in the waiting area you enter into as soon as you enter the building.

I will meet you there and escort you back to my office. For both your convenience and the convenience of my other clients, I ask that you please do not knock on my door if there is a sign saying I am in session. 

Please remember to consider traffic. When you arrive, have a seat in the front wait area. I will come and get you when I am ready for your session.


Download Zoom & Create Your Free Account Here
How to Have a Successful Zoom Session:

Make sure you set a space in your home that is quiet and comfortable. This is your time…enjoy it!

Charge the device that you are using fully. We don’t lose each other during the session.

Turn off all phones and any devices that might disrupt your session.


Be bliss!