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Become One of My Costa Rican Coaching Clients 

This 60 minute coaching session is great if you are ready to revamp your life body, mind and spirit. 

Style your life to compliment your passions and life purpose.

From more playtime with your pet to traveling the world, you deserve to live an life an epic life of bliss.

If you are a highly sensitive person who is ready to make major life changes, this is the session for you! 

Our session will be a combination of coaching and consulting and will be tailored to meet your needs. I have resources and tips to last a lifetime and a great at meeting people where they are at. You will leave armed with what you need to get started on YOU. 

Are interested in becoming one of my hypnotherapy clients, or do you want to partner with me in a package or program?  Ask me if I have openings on my schedule for new clients by emailing me at [email protected] or schedule a complimentary Discovery Call by clicking here. 

 A 24 cancellation notice is required. All sales are final.


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