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Understanding the Mind/Body Connection

self-healing Jun 19, 2019
Your Body Is the Vehicle for Your Soul

The term Mind/Body has become mainstream. Yoga made healing and meditation  cool and hip. But how many people truly understand the way the mind and body connect? Furthermore, do they know how to use that information to create change and heal?

I discovered holistic health when I was at the lowest point in my life. I had been taking psychiatric medications for seven years and had become a shell of who I had once been. Shell might not be the best description because I had put on 100 pounds and gone from a size 6 to an 18.

My skin was full of acne and I had daily migraines and stomach aches that are hard to describe. I struggled with horrible night sweats and suicidal thoughts. To put it bluntly, my body and mind were a mess and I was completely at a loss as to where to begin.

My saving grace was when I Googled, “how to heal naturally from mental illness.” To my surprise, Google answered with tips on meditation, self-hypnosis and...

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Understanding Hypnotherapy & the Healing Power Stored within You

The Gift that Keeps on Giving 

Working with a hypnotherapist was the best gift I ever gave myself. This powerful healing modality changed my life. I was able to use my subconscious mind to go from bedridden depression to thriving in life, in just a few short months. 

If you struggle with blocks, burdens and limiting beliefs and have failed to break free, this modality is for you. Many of my clients tell me they have tried EVERYTHING.  When I hear that, I know they are a great candidate for hypnotherapy. 

Hypnosis Facts & Myths 

There are many misconceptions about hypnosis. The public is exposed to hypnosis by viewing stage hypnosis which is very different from therapeutic hypnotherapy. 

Another form of exposure would be TV and movies. We often see forms of mind control being shown in films. Again, this is not hypnotherapy.

Let’s get to the truth. The subconscious mind can transform your body and mind. You can create...

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Podcast Interview: That Time I Went Rogue & Decided to Heal Myself from Mental Illness

podcast self-healing Mar 12, 2019
Hello Seekers of Bliss! 
I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Loree Bischoff on her podcast, We're Talkin' Shift. She interviews people about a time they went rouge in their life. Oh man, I am GREAT at going rogue. 
We cover tons and tons of topics from health to mindset and miracles. When I listened to the interview again my takeaway is I could talk about this stuff forever. 
My new goal is to learn how to tell my stories and share tips in a more succinct way. You may not be able to listen to the entire podcast at once due to length.
And....if you have ever wondered about how I got off of all my psych medication and what caused me to radically transform my life using Holistic Heath, this podcast is for you.
Catch it on your favorite podcast platform!
Apple Podcasts:
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12 Nataral Remedies for Reducing Anxiety & Panic In Minutes

A Bliss-scription to Reduce Anxiety, Panic & Worry 

Anxiety can steal your bliss within seconds. People who suffer daily with anxiety, worry and panic attacks will develop physical symptoms as the behavior becomes chronic.

This blog is a bliss-scription, or natural remedy providing you with holistic tips and tools that decrease anxiety and worry. I have used these powerful techniques to break free of panic attacks and chronic worry that eventually caused me to become homebound.

What Causes Anxiety?

From an Ayurvedic perspective, anxiety and worry are indicators you have too much air in your system. Our systems have five elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth running through them. Over-active, or excessive can be caused by food, environment and even thoughts.

When the air element in your body is excessive, you will feel scattered, worried, anxious and even manic.

I use Ayurveda to help my clients stay balanced and free of anxiety. Personally, using the Doshas in...

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From Bipolar to Blissful: My Story of Radical Transformation

self-healing Sep 01, 2018
Saying YES to My Life 

I found Holistic Health when I was at my darkest. I had been struggling for years with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. My body and mind were extremely imbalanced.

I found myself on nine different psychiatric medications and was on 11 medications total. I gained 100 pounds. Chronic pain, suicidal thoughts, insomnia, daily migraines, digestive issues, constipation, and hypothyroidism were all physical challenges I needed to heal. 

I was full of anger, hurt, and shame. I was not able to take care of myself and needed to live with my parents. The below picture is of me with my nephew Porter. His birth brought love and light into my life. When this picture was taken, I was barely leaving my house. 

Food Sensitivities Caused Pain and Mood Issues

Everyone's body will respond differently to food sensitivities and food allergies. My dairy and gluten sensitivity caused severe inflammation in my gut.

I suffered from daily migraines, constipation,...

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Overcome Mind Chatter & Chronic Worry Naturally

self-healing Jul 12, 2018
  • This blog is a Bliss-scription for mind chatter and chronic worry. 

If you  struggle with mind chatter and excessive worry, keep reading. You are not alone. I struggled for years with mind chatter that turned into racing thoughts and mania when my system was out of balance. There were even times my worry would turn into suicidal thoughts. 

Although I still struggle at times with worry, I have found many ways to calm my thoughts and stay present. I will share some of those techniques with you in this blog. But first, why do you worry?

Self-Assessment Tools

Certain personality types and body types (or systems) are prone to worry and anxiety. When I work with my clients, we use assessment tools to help them determine what parts of their personality and system might be causing them to worry excessively. For personality traits that would help bring clarity I use Taylor Hartman’s The Color Code.  

When I want to help my clients understand their...

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How to Ditch Pills and Medication Using Holistic Health

self-healing Feb 06, 2018

My life changed when I discovered I could heal my chronic issues all on my own. I had been sick for years and was on a cocktail of 11 different medications, 9 of them psychiatric medications.

The doctors I worked with told me I would have to take medications for life to treat my bipolar disorder, migraines, hypothyroidism, insomnia, chronic pain and ADHD. I was given a new meditation each time one stopped working, or if I needed to counteract the side-effects of a drug I was currently on. 

The pills made me sicker than any of my illnesses. I hated my life and myself. I gained 100 pounds in just a few years and could not even function. Unemployable and unable to care for myself, my parents had to take me in.

The below pictures were taken in 2008/2009. I was struggling with inflammation. Weight and skin issues were just a few of the physical symptoms I struggled with.

The below picture is with my nephew Porter. He is an amazing healer. Just holding him cleared up my skin issues...

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A Bliss-Scription for Releasing Anger & Frustration

This blog is a Bliss-scription for people who are ready to let go of the anger and frustration in their life. We have a world full of frustrated and inflamed people right now. The election of 2016 brought out repressed feelings and emotions in many people. A whole new level of anger and hate is being revealed.

There are wars, domestic violence, and religious intolerance. Rape culture is everywhere. When I originally wrote this Bliss-scription, it would be another year before the Harvey Weinstein scandal would break. The outrage is just the beginning of a long journey toward healing. I see many opportunities for growth and transformation.

Understanding Anger & Inflammation

The environment around you is filled with things that will inflame your body and mind. Foods like sugar, dairy, gluten, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, caffeine and processed foods will create inflammation in the gut and in turn inflame your thoughts and behaviors.

Toxins in our food, air, and...

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