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Podcast Interview: That Time I Went Rogue & Decided to Heal Myself from Mental Illness

podcast self-healing Mar 12, 2019
Hello Seekers of Bliss! 
I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Loree Bischoff on her podcast, We're Talkin' Shift. She interviews people about a time they went rouge in their life. Oh man, I am GREAT at going rogue. 
We cover tons and tons of topics from health to mindset and miracles. When I listened to the interview again my takeaway is I could talk about this stuff forever. 
My new goal is to learn how to tell my stories and share tips in a more succinct way. You may not be able to listen to the entire podcast at once due to length.
And....if you have ever wondered about how I got off of all my psych medication and what caused me to radically transform my life using Holistic Heath, this podcast is for you.
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