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10 Powerful Journal Questions For Body Awareness & Healing

journaling mind/body Nov 25, 2017

Writing Heals 

Writing can help you explore your unconscious thoughts and beliefs and creates a space for you to process deep emotions.

There is not a right or wrong way to write or journal your thoughts. I have a friend who purges her thoughts and writes every morning for at least an hour. She just lets her mind wander and writes whatever flows into her consciousness.

Once you have written three pages, you have cleared away the conscious mind chatter and are writing from your subconscious mind.It’s a great way to understand your thoughts on a deeper level.

I invite you to look back through old journals if you have them. Notice what you began writing about after page three. What changes can you see in perspective?

Dig Deep For Maximum Healing

Writing is a powerful way to understand your thoughts and beliefs on a deeper level. If you do not enjoy journaling, I invite you use videos or audio recordings to document your journey.

Those who prefer meditation can spend a few...

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