How Searching My Soul In Sedona Brought Me Back to Bliss

sedona Oct 02, 2018
Searching My Soul In Sedona

I learn the best through experience. To support me, God constantly brings me experiences to help me grow and learn. I believe everything I experience is preparing me for my purpose. This is such a deep belief for me that I know my burdens and life blocks are gifts in disguise.

In 2016, I started to notice my energy levels were low and I felt fatigued easily. My memory began to play tricks on me and I often forgot conversations and whole parts of my day. As the year progressed, I began to notice my mood was low and I was not interested in life. I lost weight and my menstrual cycle stopped completely.

During this time, I was also doing personal work on healing my inner child. There were several unresolved issues from my childhood that needed to be healed before I could move forward in my business and personal life.

My Self-Induced Healing Crisis

To sum it up, 2016 moved me until a healing crisis that was still taking place as we moved into the summer of 2017. Granted, I was fully aware of what was going on and actively taking steps to heal, but my practice and personal life had suffered greatly. To add fuel to the healing fire, I felt lost as to what I really wanted in life.

I was living in a luxury apartment in Ahwatukee, Arizona right behind a park and at the base of South Mountain. I loved my apartment so much I barely left it. I lived and worked each day to keep up with a lifestyle that I was not even sure I wanted.  

The inner child work I was doing brought me back to the dreams I had as a adolescent and teenager. Pictures, poems and letters reminded me of my love of nature, community and play. I had forgotten how much of a romantic I was and what deep friendships I had made before getting sick.

Time for A Change

It was time for a change. I was not sure where to begin, but I knew I needed to start doing the things I used to love when I was a kid. My best friend moved to Sedona, Arizona in November of 2016. As my health and happiness dimmed, she opened her door to me and invited me to come and visit whenever I wanted.

As the temperature warmed up, I found myself visiting Sedona weekly just for a reboot. It felt THAT good there. If you ever have a chance to get up to Sedona, take note of how you feel as you come up the I 17 and exit onto I 179. Just notice how you feel as the healing energy hits you.

Each week I visited Sedona, I felt better and better. It was soon obvious to me that I needed to move to Sedona. I was not sure how I was going to make it happen, but I was determined to make my dream come true. I hiked, healed and had lots of fun! 

Manifesting My New Sedona Dream Life

To manifest my Sedona move, I asked Yvette if I could bring up some of my decorations and things from my house. This meant my energy would be in Sedona all the time. Next, I became a regular at all the local hotspots and visited with the local shop owners and healers. I shared with everyone I met my dream of moving to Sedona to build a community of healers.

As I did this, doors began to open for me and my health improved dramatically. I continued to connect with new forms of healing and got back to being in nature and relaxing. Sedona opened her arms and embraced me with healing and love.

Easy, Breezy...Blissful

By October, I had moved out of my apartment and was living in Sedona. Everything just began to work and open up easily and effortlessly. Now it’s time to pay it forward and show you how you can search your soul for your own bliss.

This was so profound for me I have decided to create a Sedona Signature Experience for singles, couples and small groups. Each person will have unique needs and goals and Sedona is ready to fill all of those needs and more.

What I love about being here is the variety of healers and activities available. Clients can come for a day, a weekend, or do an extended healing stay. My dream is to guide you to the people and places that will bring your soul the healing it needs. Below is me having fun with clients enjoying a Sedona Signature Experience. #SedonaSelfie! 

 Sedona Has Everything You Need to Heal

My job is to guide you through your experience and help you maximize the healing experience. I have done the heavy lifting and busy work for you. You just have to show up and say YES to healing your soul and finding your bliss.

Clients LOVE Sedona Photon Light

 Healing Services & Centers 

Below are just a some of the options available in Sedona and surrounding areas. Depending on the length of stay and what you want to invest, clients will have an options of pairing together services and activities that will set their soul free.

Sedona Photon Light

Sedona Meditation Center


Emotional Baggage Release

Chiropractic Care


Sedona Health Spa

Hilton Spa & Pool

Namti Spa

Psychic Readings


Chakra Readings

Aura Readings

Crystal Readings

Body Bliss Factory Direct

The Stupa


Fun & Leisure


Sight Seeing


Horseback Riding

Pink Jeep Tours

Zip Line Tours

Helicopter Rides

Spiritual & Personal Growth

Center for the New Age

The Stupa

Church on a Rock

Vortex Tours

Alien & Visitation Tours

City of Jerome

Sedona Is Calling You

If you are still reading this blog, Sedona is calling your name. Everything happens for a reason. You found this site and blog because you are being called to search your soul in the healing vortexes of Sedona, Arizona.

To learn more about my Sedona Signature Experience schedule a Discovery Call today. The answers to the intake form will help me prepare for your call. I am so excited to see what souls Sedona brings to me and Blissful Living.

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