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self-healing Jul 12, 2018
  • This blog is a Bliss-scription for mind chatter and chronic worry. 

If you  struggle with mind chatter and excessive worry, keep reading. You are not alone. I struggled for years with mind chatter that turned into racing thoughts and mania when my system was out of balance. There were even times my worry would turn into suicidal thoughts. 

Although I still struggle at times with worry, I have found many ways to calm my thoughts and stay present. I will share some of those techniques with you in this blog. But first, why do you worry?

Self-Assessment Tools

Certain personality types and body types (or systems) are prone to worry and anxiety. When I work with my clients, we use assessment tools to help them determine what parts of their personality and system might be causing them to worry excessively. For personality traits that would help bring clarity I use Taylor Hartman’s The Color Code.  

When I want to help my clients understand their physical system and how it is contributing to their worry, I use an Ayurvedic Dosha test. These tools bring awareness and provide guidance.

Poor Nutrition Can Contribute to Worry

There are also foods that trigger worry and create more air in the system. Excess air will move into worry quickly. Think of a strong wind, or a fan that is blowing too quickly. A system with too much air will experience the same sort of chaos internally.

Your gut has its own brain. When out of balance it has to work over-time to digest foods that do not resonate with your system. When inflamed and full of gas, the gut is disconnected from the heart and the head. My gut instinct and intuitive gifts increased tremendously when I healed my gut and released foods that no longer served me.

Foods That Can Increase A Worry Prone System

Below are foods you want  to avoid or minimize if you have mind chatter, worry, manic symptoms, mental imbalance, anxiety or ADD/ADHD:

Artificial Foods to Avoid: sugars, caffeine, processed foods, alcohol, sodas, artificial flavors and sweeteners

*Note*  If you eliminate these foods and still struggle with worry, the following fruits and vegetable will increase the air in your system and cause you to feel scattered and ungrounded.

Whole Foods to Avoid or Eat Less of: Green foods like spinach, kale, parsley, cilantro, sour tasting foods, any foods that grow 6 or more feet above the ground (fruits, nuts) and fermented foods.

Are you a raw foodie having an aha moment right now? Green juices and raw salads are not the best diet for everyone. Those prone to worry and ADD/ADHD like symptoms do better on a diet of warming foods. Even tossing your salad for a minute will do wonders for your system.

Foods to Heal Worry and Anxiety:

Red or brown foods. Foods that grow in the earth like beets, tubers, sweet potatoes, yams, carrots, and onions.  Sweet tasting foods. By adding heavy and dense foods such as root veggies, you will feel more grounded and centered in your body.

Reminder:  When preparing greens, or any whole veggie, it is best to warm your foods if you are prone to worry. When eating a salad, toss it on the skillet in coconut oil for a minute or two. Warm, slightly cooked food, aids in better digestion.

Changing your diet to warming foods means you stay warmer throughout the day. Most anxiety prone people will also have cold hands and feet. They will experience temperature shifts throughout the day. This will disappear as they add the right foods into their diet. The earthy foods provide grounding and focus.

Just Try It Once

Play with your diet and try new foods. Be sure to have a variety of foods in your diet. This not only provides you with all the nutrients you need, but prevents you from developing a food intolerance. I had to stop eating cashews because I ate them so much I became allergic to them. There may be a day I can add them back in, but removing them will help my system reset.

What foods do you need to release to heal your body and the worry you experience?  What foods do you plan on adding in?

Visualization & Self-Hypnosis

Some other tools to reduce mind chatter and worry is visualization, self-hypnosis, and meditation. Each offers a different set of tools and techniques to guide you into a relaxed state.

Self-hypnosis, when done correctly, will allow you to release your subconscious blocks and create permanent change. You can’t put a price tag on that.

I was able to really get ahold of my worry and mind chatter when I began to use visualization and self-hypnosis.  I remember having the fear that I would not be able to do self-hypnosis because I could not still my mind. There are so many ways to relax the mind. I feel that I have a gift for finding relaxing ways that work, for those with excessive mind chatter

Visualization can be done on your own, or while listening to someone guide you. Your learning style and intuitive gifts will determine how you experience hypnosis. Below is a step by step visualization process to help you release excessive mind chatter and worry:

Visualization for Releasing Mind Chatter & Worry

1. Close your eyes and imagine you are sitting in front of a warm fire with a pad of paper and a pen.

2. As the fire warms your body, let all the thoughts and beliefs you are ready to purge flow out onto the paper.

3. Suggest to your subconscious mind that as you write down the words, that it releases those worries from your body, mind, and spirit. Do this as the fire continues to warm your body. Imagine that the fire can melt away any illness or disease the worry has caused you. You may feel shifts and movement in your body. Feel all of the old, stuck energy and thought forms leaving. Honor it and let it go.

4. Once complete with your list, place that list into the fire and watch all your worries and fears melt away. The fire will transform your worries and negative beliefs into something positive.

5. As the fire continues to warm you, write down all the thoughts and beliefs you DO want to have, on a new piece of paper. Let the warmth of the fire renew your body and spirit as you write. Imagine the fire has all the wisdom of your life lessons burning within it. Let that warm wisdom flow into your body and mind.

6. After you complete your list, imagine living a day where you are living true to your new list of beliefs. What would you be doing? Where would you live? Who would you be spending time with? Would you be eating differently? What do you want your body to look and feel like? Would you be in a new career? Really go there and feel the experience.

7. Now imagine the fire creates a new piece of paper and it lands safely at your feet with an affirmation from your future self. This saying, or word along with that future life you imagined  will be what you will focus on now in times of worry.

8. Once you complete the last step, let all the feeling flow back into your fingers and toes. Open your eyes feeling blissful and ready to face the day.


Active Meditation

Do you struggle to sit still when visualizing or meditating? The above self-hypnosis process can be done using a real fire. Make sure you are in a safe space and have plenty of paper.

When you are complete with your new light of positive thoughts, close your eyes and imagine the fire sends you a paper with a message on it. Easy, breezy...blissful!

Bliss Builders:

You may want to keep a list of the new beliefs that you want to have with you. If it helps, create a mantra or affirmation to use to say when you feel any type of worry coming on. Below are some I have used that I find help me come back to the present easy.

Affirmations for Worry and Anxiety:

I release all worry and stay in the present moment.

I enjoy the present moment.

I release the past and let go of the future. I live in the now.

It is safe to be here. I can enjoy this moment with ease.

My thoughts are filled with love and light.


Louise Hay’s work was very helpful to me when I began to change my thoughts and beliefs. I recommend her books and affirmation decks on a regular basis. I used her book “Heal Your Body” to heal so many things, that I have lost count.

Her affirmation deck was once taped all over my house. It was the only way I could keep my thoughts positive when I first began. I needed that much help!

I also enjoyed her documentary “You Can Heal Your Life” and her book with the same title. You will find all of these resources linked below.


“Heal Your Body: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Metaphysical Way to Overcome Them”, by Louise Hay

“You Can Heal Your Life”, by Louise Hay


You Can Heal Your Life

What the Bleep Do We Know

The Secret

Affirmation Deck (LOVE this deck)

Power Thought Cards, by Louise Hay

Do you feel like some of your worry is from subconscious blocks and beliefs? You may benefit from doing hypnotherapy sessions.

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