How To Hire Practitioners & Coaches To Help You Heal & Create Bliss

Saying Yes Is the First Step 

The first step to healing is the desire and the willingness to make change. The real work comes after the aha moment.

This blog is for those ready to make the change, but feel lost when it comes to hiring the practitioners needed to help them on their journey. 

You Feel Called To Heal 

It's something you feel deep inside of you. The call to let go of your burdens and limiting beliefs. You are ready to discover your purpose and passions. It's time for bliss.  

But... you don't where do you begin. Navigating the world of holistic health can be overwhelming and confusing. I can relate to what you are going through.

My transformation required an entire tribe of healers to support me. I even enrolled in a healing arts college and found I had to constantly ask questions to make sure I was choosing the right courses. 

Holistic Health Provides Tools For Transformation

I spent YEARS struggling with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and pain. I was home bound and bedridden for over a year. I prayed for death daily.

Below is a picture of me while struggling with chronic inflammation. My body was reacting to my food sensitivities with acne, chronic pain, digestive issues and obesity. 

Using Technology to Heal

I used Google searches to begin exploring my option. "How to heal naturally from mental illness", introduced me to life coaching, hypnotherapy, and juicing. 

I encourage my clients and students to use technology to educate and empower themselves. Healing happens quickly once the knowledge flows in.

Empowering Clients To Tap Into Their Inner Healer 

My mission in life is to help as many people turn their life burdens into bliss using Holistic Health.

Empowered clients learn what works for them. As they apply their new knowledge to their life, the end result is healing that lasts a lifetime.

I also enjoy helping my clients find other practitioners and modalities that support their healing journey. It takes a village to heal. 

Partnering With Purpose

Finding the perfect practitioner to partner with can be overwhelming when you are not your best self and feel lost in the world.  

Navigating the world of Holistic Health often feels like you are in a foreign land. Even the terminology used can feel like a new language. It’s important you feel safe and supported on your journey.

Common Questions About Holistic Health

Below I have created a Q & A section to help answer some of the questions most frequently asked by clients and students seeking a holistic health practitioner.

What is the Benefit of Working With a Holistic Practitioner?

A Holistic Health practitioner is someone who practices several healing modalities. Each practitioner will use different methods to guide their clients towards their goals. You job is to find the right practitioner(s) to support your healing journey.

Working with a practitioner in private sessions will provide you with a unique and individualized experience. When you find the right practitioner, you can achieve maximum results in a short amount of time.  

When two people come together for the purpose of healing and transformation, a sacred space is created for miracles. Many people need a witness to achieve full healing and transformation.

What Happens During A Personal Session?

Sessions vary depending on your goals and challenges. Practitioners determine their session times based on what modalities they practice and what they hope to achieve in the session.

My client sessions are 90 minutes in length. I realized fairly quickly that I needed that amount time when using clinical hypnotherapy techniques. Education is very important to me as well. 

I have created a signature experience that combines life coaching, subconscious work, nutrition, polarity therapy, chakras, elements/nature, the spiritual realm and education. I also use my own intuitive gifts to guide me through sessions.  This process needs 90 minutes to complete. 

Bliss Tip

Ask the practitioners you are working with what modalities they practice and which services you were have access to while in session. 


In Person VS Virtual Sessions

In addition to in person sessions, practitioners and coaches will meet with clients using a virtual platform like Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. Many coaches still use phone coaching to connect with their clients. 

I use virtual sessions to connect with clients in between our in-person sessions, or if the focus of the session is education or coaching.

You CAN use virtual sessions to do subconscious work such as Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression. 

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Choose A Practitioner That Loves to Teach 

When seeking a practitioner, look for someone who will empower you and educate you. It's important you learn how to continue the healing process once your work together is done.

If you are seeking to release pain, it's more beneficial to work with a practitioner who can ease your pain AND teach you how to do it on your own.

The education you receive should vary depending on your goals, challenges and learning style.


How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Each person is unique and heals in different ways. Look for a practitioner who offers a variety of options and/or customizes their programs and packages to fit your needs. 

Clients who do outside session work like reading, watching documentaries and working with other practitioners often move forward the fastest. 

I believe I was able to heal as quickly as I did because my coach encouraged me to do as much as possible outside of our sessions to keep healing. 

How Much Should My Sessions Cost?

Prices for alternative healing and holistic health vary which can lead to a lot of confusion. There are several reasons this happens. Most practitioners will look at the cost of the training they had, time spent learning and honing their medicine, their location and other services they offer when determining their price structure. 

A good practitioner, who feel confident in their services and results, will start at about $100 for 60 minutes and move up from there.

I encourage you to take the mind/body/spirit approach when building your healing team. Finding a practitioner who works with the entire system will provide you with a great resource. 

I like to look for practitioners who are Life Coaches, Hypnotherapists and do some form of body and energy work. I want them to understand food and the power it has to heal. 

Another important factor to consider is what the practitioner has healed in their own life. If my goal is to release weight, I would choose a practitioner who had been personally successful in that area over one who had never struggled with weight, or was still struggling with with weight issues. 

Also, trust your gut! I have worked with practitioners based purely on a gut feeling. That goes the same for supplements and courses. Your intuition will be your biggest guide throughout this process. 

What's Included? 

Ask the practitioner you are interviewing what is included in their package or program. It can be helpful to have tools and guidebooks for future reference. 

Some practitioners have private Facebook groups, classes, and events you can attend as part of working with them. 

When I partner with clients they receive meditations, guidebooks and other tools to support them on their journey. 

Am I Your Practitioner? 

If you feel you are ready to turn your burdens into bliss and want to use Holistic Health to do it, I would love to help you get started on building your healing team. 

Why Would You Partner With Me? 

My goal when partnering with clients is to teach them how to heal themselves. When we work together in personal sessions, we combine coaching, subconscious work, and education so you leave feeling empowered and excited. 

By combining subconscious work with powerful self-healing techniques, you will be able to continue your healing process after we are finished with your program.

Benefits of Being in the "Know" 

I am an instructor at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts or SWIHA. This is the school I attended to receive my degree and certifications. I teach other healers how to use coaching and hypnotherapy to help their clients break free. 

The other benefit to partnering with me is the access I have to other healers and the services they offer. I know a lot a great practitioners and products. No need to do all the leg work when someone else has done already. 

I often know within a few minutes what practitioners would be a good fit for you. As we work together, I will recommend the practitioners, modalities and products you need. 

Multiple Location Options

If you are looking to work with a practitioner who has multiple locations, I am your girl. You can find me in Mesa, AZ, Sedona, AZ and I also offer virtual session options. 

If you feel you are ready to build your healing team and think I might be one of your practitioners, schedule a Discovery Call to learn how I can support your unique needs, click here. 

Natalie McGovern is a Holistic Health Practitioner and Educator. She works with clients and students in personal sessions and in group settings. To learn more about Natalie and how she discovered Holistic Health, click here. 

Take the Road Less Traveled  

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