Chakra Basics: Understanding How to Apply the 7 Chakras Into Daily Life

chakras services May 15, 2018
The 7 Chakras Changed My Life

I was first introduced to the chakras in a Polarity class at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, or SWIHA. It was one of the first classes I took as a new student. I remember being very confused and felt lost and overwhelmed. 

As I studied and applied the chakras to my life, a new world opened up for me. I was able to access my system and life in a healthy way. Balance and bliss became my new normal. 

What Are The Chakras?

Chakra means "wheel" in Sanskrit. The chakras are energy centers that correlate with the major glands in our body. 

Chakras are not a part of the physical body, but are subtle energy fields surrounding the activities of the body.

When I learned how to approach chakras from an elemental perspective, I was able to apply them to my everyday life. 

Applying this ancient energy modality to my life brought my body back to balance. My mind was restored. I reconnected to God in new ways. 

I began to understand my emotions and how they affect my body. Most of all, I reconnected to my true self.

From Bipolar to Blissful 

Using the chakras in my daily life has allowed me to stay off of medications and be free of illness and disease. 

When I began teaching how to use the chakras at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, I realized it was a real passion and that I had a gift for understanding and explaining them to others. 

I believe if everyone had a basic understanding of the chakras and elements, we could heal our world of chronic illness and mental illness in just a few years. Isn’t that exciting?!

Chakra Basics 

I have a simple breakdown provided below. This may help you determine if you need a chakra balancing session or education. 

First, you are made of energy. 

A person’s energy field extends about 26 feet from the body. Your chakras process and distribute that energy. 

Understanding the chakras is like a guidebook to an enlightened way of thinking and being. You are more aware of yourself and others on a mind/body/spirit level. 

Life becomes easy, breezy...blissful.


Second, the 5 elements you find in nature will help you understand the chakras. 

Ether, Air, Fire, Water & Earth

Understanding the basic concepts of the chakras and the elements allows you to stay healthy, balanced, and BLISSFUL!

The elements are easy to learn! Children and teens enjoy using the colors, music, activities and foods that correspond with each element and chakra.

When clients come for a Chakra Balancing, I use a combination of coaching, assessment, hypnotherapy and education. 

This combination allows my clients to balance their chakras in my office AND keep them balanced on a daily basis.

**I do not do table work (bodywork) in my chakra balancing, although that is a technique that can be used and is most common. 

Each client’s needs will be different depending on what chakras are blocked and what goals they are seeking to achieve. 

I have found that it is important to make the chakras easy to understand. This allows clients to apply their knowledge to daily life. 

See My Easy to Understand Breakdown of the Chakras Below

Root Chakra (Muladhara or Root)

Also known as the first chakra, or the base chakra. This chakra is located at the base of the spine.

The gland connected to this chakra is the adrenal.  The color that activates this chakra is red and the element is Earth.

This chakra supports our basic survival and safety needs.  Food, reproduction, and shelter.  

As humans moved out of nature and into the cities, the root chakra now includes our homes, cars, career, financial situation and sex life. 

The root chakra is usually the first to go out of balance. The fast pace world we live in along with the expectations to do more, bring imbalance quickly. 

Once this chakra is out of balance, the other chakras will follow. Some will become overactive to compensate for the under-active chakra. The balance of your chakras can change minute to minute. 

With poverty, sexual exploitation in the media, and GMO foods, we have a lot do as a race to balance this chakra.

Sacral Chakra (Swadhisthana, or Sweetness)

Also known as the second chakra, or the water chakra. This chakra is located below the navel just above the genitals.

The gland the correlates to this chakra is the ovaries and testes.  The color that activates this chakra is orange and the element is Water.

This chakra is our relationship center. It supports connections and creates empathy. Our feeling chakra, the water within us regulates our relationships as well as our sexual energy. 

Struggles with codependency and addictions begin with this chakra. Since our society does not honor the sacred feminine anymore, this chakra suffers greatly on a daily basis. 

If you struggle to take care of yourself, this chakra will become imbalanced quickly. 

Solar Plexus (Manipura, or Lustrous Gem)

Also known as the third chakra, or the power chakra. This chakra is located at the apex of the diaphragm at the solar plexus. 

The gland the correlates to this chakra is the pancreas. The color that activates this chakra is yellow and the element is Fire. 

This chakra houses our personal power. Your individuality and personal truth shine through when this chakra is balanced. 

This chakra rules your determination and drive in life, as well as your confidence and integrity. An over-inflated ego, or feelings of being a victim, are common if this chakra is out of balance. 

Feelings of contentment and trust are also regulated by this chakra. The energy that radiates from this chakra is the most consistent of all the chakras.

Heart Chakra (Anahata, or Unstuck) 

Also known as the 4th chakra, or the heart center. This chakra is located in your chest above the breast area.

The gland the correlates to this chakra is thymus.  The color that activates this chakra is green and the element is Air.

This chakra houses our love and worthiness. The heart holds our guilt and shame, as well as all of the losses we experience in life. 

If you struggle with judgement or criticism, this chakra may be out of balance. 

When a person needs to forgive and let go, they are working with the Heart Chakra. 

The creative flow that allows us to express ourselves with love will be blocked if this chakra is out of balance.

Throat Chakra (Vissudha, or Purification)

Also known as the 5th chakra, or truth center. This chakra is located in your throat.

The gland the correlates to this chakra is the thyroid. The color that activates this chakra is blue and the element is Ether and sound.

The Throat Chakra rules our communication; both listening and hearing. 

Since most of us experience some form of censorship as children and are often told how to speak and feel, inner child work is a big part of healing the throat chakra.

People who have chronic sore throats, strep or thyroid issues are usually struggling with this chakra. 

If you have blocks to creativity and expressing yourself, healing your throat chakra will set your authentic self free. 

The Third Eye (Ajna, or To Perceive & Commend)

Also known as the 6th chakra, or the All Seeing Eye. This chakra is located between the eyebrows.

The gland the correlates to this chakra is the pituitary gland. The color that activates this chakra is indigo and the element is light. 


This chakra rules your intuition and is the seat of your knowing. This is an internal process. The chakra connects you to the unseen and higher planes. 

Intuitive seeing, clairvoyance abilities, and other energetic gifts flow easily when this chakra is balanced. When out of balance, you may experience mental illness, seizures, migraines and symptoms of mania or PTSD. 

Most of us are not taught to trust our intuition and shut it down for fear of being judged, or seen as crazy.  Reactivating this chakra can help you connect to the knowing you have always had and true health flows in. 

Crown Chakra (Sahasrara, or Thousand Fold)

Also known as the 7th chakra, or the Spirit Center. This chakra is located at the crown of the head and is our connection to Spirit.

The gland the correlates to this chakra is the pineal. The color that activates this chakra is violet and the element is thought. 

This chakra houses our destiny and Divine Purpose. 

If you feel you have lost your way, or are not sure why you are here on this planet, this chakra may be blocked. 

Opening up this chakra in a healthy way will help you receive the messages the Divine Creator has for you. 

Higher-Self work and meditation are the key to keeping this chakra balanced. 

People who struggle with spiritual issues, suicidal ideations, psychological problems, and insomnia are struggling with an imbalance in this chakra. 

Struggling with your religious beliefs, or losing faith in a Higher Power are common experiences when the crown chakra is blocked. 

What Did You Learn? 

How much did this blog on the chakras open your eyes? 

Are there thoughts, feelings, or behaviors you need to release so your chakras can spin freely? 

What behaviors and beliefs will you need to add in to return to balance? 

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