Join me on an epic life journey of radical transformation and discover the land of Blissful Living. I am currently kickin' it in Costa Rica. See below for more details.

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I’m Kickin’ it in Costa Rica…

Pura Vida….

Thanks for stopping by seeker of bliss!

Welcome to my website and blog.

My name is Natalie and this is Blissful Living. My bliss is holistic health, photography, dogs, relaxing (yes, I am a professional relaxer) and ALL things nature. If it is outside, I am IN.

Currently, I am “living like a local” in Costa Rica and plan on staying here until June. If I LOVE it, I may come back and stay longer. Who knows!

Let's Talk Transformation...

Imagine radically transforming your life.

What would your life look like? Feel like? Taste like? Sound like? 

I am here to tell you it's possible to create a lifestyle that supports your desires and dreams, even after struggling for years will illness and pain. 

Your Burdens Lead to Bliss...

Did you know your past pain is huge part of your destiny?

That's right. You were and are being prepared for your greatness.

You can turn your burdens into bliss and someday you will even be grateful for the pain in your past. Sounds crazy right? 

If you are excited about this concept, read on! 

Following your bliss means you have to be willing taking the road less traveled.

This road is different for everyone. It will lead you through both trails and triumphs as you make your way to your destiny.

Creating a tribe of people to support you can make your journey feel easy, breezy...blissful. 

And that is where I come in.

My bliss is helping people like you turn the burdens that are holding you back into the life of bliss you were meant to live. 


What's Your Bliss?

Are you ready to lead an epic life of bliss?

First, you will benefit from the information I share in my blog and on social media. Take advantage of the free information I share. Most of my healing came from books, blogs, online courses and documentaries. 

If you feel like you are one of my future clients, read on! 

How Can I Support You? 

I am a Lifestyle Coach, Subconscious Guru and Professional Bliss Catcher.

Read more about my background here. 

Formerly home-bound and bedridden for over a year with mental illness, suicidal thoughts and chronic pain, I now guide other people who are ready to radically transform their body, minds and souls.

Click here to read my full story.

I specialize in helping people see painful experiences from a deeper perspective. If you have suffered deep trauma, that's my jam. You are my favorite type of client. 

Did You Know? 

Your life is a mirror and a reflection of your soul's deepest desires.

Even your pain is a powerful tool that can guide you and give you information that will support you and others. 

It' s never too late to start your journey. So let's get started on YOU! 

I look forward to connecting with you soon.  

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